Why Call Me Courage?

The Story

During the depressing beginnings of COVID, long time work associates/friends, Sandra and Kena, started chatting weekly. The more they chatted the more they realized how similar their pasts were; both had overcome abusive relationships and are now living a much more fulfilled and gratifying life.  

Sandra plans on writing a book in order to help others find their way and Kena is working on her book, "No But's" which is about taking ownership.

They are both very passionate about coaching and helping other individuals create their own version of an inspired and gratifying life.

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Courage Coach

Kena Campbell

Kena possess a wide variety of experiences from managing a bakery, food services, selling cars, accounting, selling software, teaching software, starting three companies from the ground up, managing staff, managing a business, managing customer satisfaction and most of all Kena has the skill of listening to people.


As a consultant working with hundreds of companies, Kena realized the need for functioning teams. During her pursuit of learning about functioning teams, Kena realized the importance of self happiness and compassion. Kena has pursued understanding her story in order to create her best life and she now shares her strategies to help individuals who feel stuck, unheard and unfulfilled find their clarity, confidence and courage to create an inspired and gratifying life.


Kena has studied coaching with Rise Up For You and The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. Going through the coach training experience has brought much joy to Kena and she now shares her knowledge and encouragement with other individuals.


As co-founder of Call Me Courage, Kena has created workshops, coaching sessions, and the 5tips series. All of these offerings will help individuals find clarity, confidence and courage.

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