The meaning of clarity is clearness. Without clarity in our lives, we can feel foggy headed, unhappy, frustrated, fearful and many other unpleasant emotions.

Why is it important the we find clearness in our lives? I will share a bit of my story on finding clarity.

I got married at very young age. I was told while growing up to not get married until I was at least 27. Did I listen to this advice??, of course not! Getting married at 18 was one of my life lessons. I learned what it was like to live in an abusive alcoholic relationship.

When moving on from that relationship after 10 years I was urged to go to Al-Anon. It was a great group and while I was leaving, I thought to myself “I don't know why I need this group since I am already leaving the abusive alcoholic.” Ironically while thinking these thoughts a sponsor approached me and proceeded to tell me that if I did not attend meetings and fix myself that I would end up marrying another alcoholic. Did I listen to her? Of course not! Apparently I did not learn enough from my 1st alcoholic relationship and needed to marry another alcoholic.

I am happy to report, I conquered living that type of an abusive life and found my clarity! I did this through hard work and self-reflection. I now see life clearly and cherish that I am a strong person and now know I do not need to live a life of abuse.

I know this is a pretty personal story; however, these types of stories can fall into your work life, friend life and home life. In my case the role models I had in my childhood were all broken people. I feel when children have such role models, they typically do not understand clarity because there were not raised with any clarity.

If you were not taught clarity, you can teach yourself to find clarity. Try the suggestions below.

  • Define the problem

  • Soul search on how the current situation makes you feel

  • Soul search on how you want to feel

  • Create strategies on fixing the problem .

  • Make a time line to evaluate if your strategies are working and if they are not, no worries! You can loop back go through these steps again.

Once you have clarity your life you should feel more organized, happy, fulfilled, accomplished and gratified.

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