Do you know you?

Updated: Mar 4

It taken me years for me to know me and I am still working on it. I think it was the lack of self-confidence that stood in my way. The wanting to be what I thought people wanted me to be.

One of the the tricks that helped me to understand myself was realizing that it is okay to be scared and to dare to do something you thought was not possible. I had to push myself even if I was scared.

We all have fears and that is good. The fear instinct will stop us from going down a dark alley where people are hanging out drinking something from a bottle in a bag, fear of getting burned will make us pull our hand off a hot pan or for me the fear of heights will stop me from jumping off the high dive at a swimming pool.

One of my deep down fears is any object falling from a high place. While pondering why this is such a "horrible" fear for me, I came to the conclusion it must be insecurity that is the root of the fear. When looking back on my life, I realized life is always changing; that certain people, events, etc. will be gone forever as we go through life and that is okay. It does not mean life will stop; I will continue. Therefore, it is up to me to find the positive side of any situation. I need to remember the joy, or possibly the pain, from what has now vanished.

To embrace conquering my fear of heights, I arranged a pretty courageous adventure for one of my milestone birthday's; a Hot Air Ballon over the Masai Mara in Kenya. It was so beautiful and as we got higher, I was a bit nervous but the joy of seeing the world from a gliding balloon was an AMAZING experience!! (I did have to ask my husband to please not hold the camera over the side of the balloon :)

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