Hearing vs. Listening

How often do you feel like you have repeated yourself to someone either at work or at home?

Is it that the person/people were hearing you really did not listen to you?

For individuals with functioning ears, hearing is perceiving sound; however, listening is pay attention to what those sounds mean.

Have you ever noticed when you are trying to tell a story and you get cut-off and the person you are telling the information to starts to add their 2 cents? I think it can be human nature to try and say their piece before the original person finishes because the person listening doesn't want to forget what they were thinking.

The person listening should focus on hearing hearing you. If they have something to add and it is important they will remember and if they do not remember, it must not have been that important.

My tiny tip of the day: If it was important what you needed to say, interrupt the person and let them know that you would like to hear and listen to their perspective once you have been have completed telling them what you had started to say.

During a leadership training that I received years ago, I learned that the listener controls the conversation. If you give this a try, you will understand.

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