Is it me?

Updated: Mar 4

Is it really me that causes all the drama in my relationship? How can that be? I give 200% of myself to this person and it just never seems to be right. It may even turn to physical violence.

Once the abuser realizes this, they come back with how they were wroooong, I won't eeeeeever do that again, etc. In my case for many years I believed the abuser. Guess how long that apology lasted? Maybe a week...maybe!

Are you struggling through this as well? If so, please find support and look up a local hotline to call. Furthermore, if needed, call 911. Please remember when it comes to protection, you are best advocate, the abuser will say they are your best advocate but we know deep down that is not true!

Secondly, please always try to remain positive. Positive thoughts will pay off in the long run and you will have the life you deserve! Be patient and positive. Remember, it takes time.

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