No But's = No Excuses

Are you a victim?

If you answered yes, try changing your mindset to see how your experiences can help you grow and embrace your best life possible.

Playing the victim role only keeps you on the underside of situations. There might be times where you can use being the victim to your advantage; however, in the end those advantages will diminish in value over time.

I believe in karma, what goes around comes around idea. If you live accepting that "life is life" and life is full of changes, you can can learn from these "but" moments.

So what is a "but" moment?, you ask!

I started the "No But's" when I was raising my son. I was a single Mom. My child went through quite a few hardships so I was a pretty easy go type Mom. There were only a few rules; be honest, be good and take responsibility. I know these are kind of broad but they were our "home base". The No But's started when my son said, "But Mom, the teacher, blah, blah blah." What this conversation came down to was he did not like the teacher. I explained to him that you will go through life not liking some teachers, some bosses, some friends, etc. In life we need to figure out a way to get along with those people or cease the relationship in a respectful manor if that seems like the best outcome. I told him that this is life and don't use the word "but" since but means you are making an excuse.


Situation: You go to the store and someone smashes into my car in the parking lot.

But Reaction: You are so mad and anger consumes you.

Life Happens Reaction: You are a bit upset in having to deal with the situation; however, you take the stance that the person that hit you has some growing to do. They need to understand taking ownership of their problems. You hope in life they will learn that lesson sooner than later.

Situation: I never get a chance to speak up in work meetings.

But Reaction: But no one really cares what I have to say, But I am never called on, But there is not order to the meetings.

Life Happens Reaction: Find your courage to to politely say, "I have something to add". If people are talking over you, say "excuse me, I was talking." If you do this, acknowledge your accomplishment and be proud of yourself in overcoming your fear and finding your courage to be heard.

Hopefully, these examples help.

So, NO BUT'S = No Excuses. Take ownership.

Try to always look for the opportunities in any situation. If you start shifting your perspective to seeing opportunities, you will be surprised how many opportunities are right under your nose!