What to Expect


   Why do we need it?  

   How do we get it?

   Can it change our lives?


What you can expect from one-on-one sessions with a Call Me Courage Courage Coach

* A certified courage coach that has triumphed through many challenging experiences and fully understand  finding courage, confidence or clarity

* 8 weekly one-on-one sessions covering the following topics

      ~ Identify and focus on your that will accelerate and change your well-being

      ~ Create a plan to accomplish your goal

      ~ Methods for executing 

      ~ Evaluate if the methods your are practicing are help you

      ~ Create a new plan if the methods your have chosen to incorporate into your life are not working

*Methods for finding courage


      ~Finding your blindspots

      ~Your core team

      ~Emotional Intelligence

      ~Listening skills

      ~Being heard skills

      ~Acknowledging your feelings

      ~Contingency plan

      ~Understanding how failure and fears can help you

      ~Body language

      ~No But's = No Excuses 

Remember always, life is about change. Learning to embrace change and conquering your fears will help you gain confidence, clarity and your courage to live an inspired and gratifying life.